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Finding the perfect gift.

Back in 2005 I was invited to my best friend's wedding and I felt challenged to find the perfect gift for such memorable event. A few years ago, he left the USA. Now, he lives in Hong Kong and works as the Purchasing Manager for an international corporation.

What a challenge, what can you possible give someone who has everything? Someone who is getting married in Bali, who lives in Hong Kong, and who has access to a wealth of factories and products in China. Adding difficulty to the challenge, I wanted my gift to be one of the best if not the best.

I searched high and low for weeks on end for the perfect gift without any success. Luckily enough, at that time, I went on a business trip to Central America. Before coming back home, I decided to visit a nearby local craft market. To my surprise, I stumbled upon an artist making the most beautiful piece of wood-burning that I had ever seen. My search was over! I had found the perfect gift.

I ran to my hotel and used my laptop to access the website created for the wedding. I copied the best picture I could find of my friend and his fiancé on to a USB drive and ran back to the market and ordered a portrait on a beautiful piece of wood. I returned home feeling very satisfied. It took several days for the artist to complete the portrait and ship it back to me.

The week of the wedding, I flew to Bali feeling very confident in my gift. At the reception the new married couple received many gifts, but I will never forget their unique smile when they opened my gift. They were completely amazed at seeing their portrait perfectly replicated and detailed on such a lovely cut of wood. Undoubtedly, their wood-burning portrait will bring them happiness every day of their lives.

That is the soil of our business, providing the perfect gift to bring that unique smile of happiness to the faces of the people you love the most!!!